Touchstone Second Collection: Season 2, Books 1-3
Kindle eBook box set

Jack the Ripper, Sitting Bull, Arthur Conan Doyle, Buffalo Bill and the Peaky Blinders all star in this, the second season of the hit time travel historical fantasy saga.

"Inventively brilliant alternative history.”

In the fallout from Touchstone Season 1’s epic finale, villains Danny Pearce and Kath Bright find their way in hostile worlds, blind to their true identities, struggling to atone for sins they can’t remember.

"As gripping as ever! Couldn't put it down.”

From the streets of Birmingham to the sidewalks of New York, from the slums of Victorian England to the Great Plains, the Touchstone world reaches epic scale.

"Ripping yarns, meticulously researched and genuinely shocking when they need to be.”

This eBook Box Set (comprising a quarter of a million words and 1000 pages in the original paperback editions) collects the first three novels of Touchstone Season 2 and the prequel short story Buffalo Bill and the Peaky Blinders, previously only available in the anthology, New Street Stories.

"Touchstone saga at its best. Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended.”

This collection contains the following titles:

1. Buried in Time [1888]

2. Bright Star Falling [1874-1887]

3. Buffalo Bill and the Peaky Blinders [1887]

4. Bright Star Rising [1887]