The long dead road – or why screenwriters should be novelizing


This month sees yet another new novel by Andy Conway, and a major change of direction following the Touchstone saga (don’t worry, Touchstone fans – the next Touchstone novel is a stunner and is coming very soon).

But this time I’ve teamed up with action novelist Jack Turner to deliver a gritty revenge thriller, LONG DEAD ROAD.

The book came about through an unusual process. And it owes its existence to up and coming film producer Richard Adams.

I met Richard on the set of my first feature film as screenwriter, revenge thriller Arjun & Alison, and we got on well. I get on well with anyone who says he likes my screenplay. I especially get on well with anyone who seeks me out a couple of years later when he’s putting together his first slate of film projects and asks me if I want to write one.

Richard had an idea about a man who comes out of prison and takes revenge on the gang who put him inside…

A few drafts later and I had the idea of turning it into a novel. And I think this is what every screenwriter should be doing right now. Continue reading

Portrait of the artist as a time-travelling gangster

Andy Conway (Photography: Ian Davies. Stylist: Sy-Ann Taylor


They were putting together a collection of portraits, they said. Birmingham creatives, they said.

A few weeks later I was standing in a ballroom in the 1920s, with a bevy of dancing flappers and a time tunnel behind me.

Welcome to the world of Smokeshow Images, and a fun, daring and witty collaboration between photographer Ian Davies and award winning stylist Sy-Anne Taylor.

The exhibition ‘Brum Creatives’ comprises a series of portraits featuring the rich creative talent that Birmingham produces, from local designers, artists, writers, producers and film makers, to celebrity figures such as Jasper Carrott, Patti Bell, Glynn Purnell and Brian Travers.

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