Blood Libel

Blood-Libel-paperback-cover-6-3D-small“Simply the perfect thriller – incredibly well-written and full of suspense.”
– A.A. Abbott, author The Bride’s Trail.

Meet Howie Earls, the black radical journalist who digs up the dirt other hacks won’t touch.

He doesn’t fit in.

And someone wants to kill him.

Struggling to break stories that involve city council corruption, satanic child abuse, an evangelist pressure group and financial corruption involving government-sponsored training schemes, Howie must also deal with a local political gangster who mistakenly believes that Howie is muscling in on his territory; an editor who wants to avoid getting sued, and a magazine that might not last another week.

But down these mean streets a man must walk, and ask questions, and get beaten up. A lot.

“A gritty, explosive hit of adrenalin…” – Andy Conway

Chuck Loyola’s long lost 1990s inner-city thriller, out of print for 25 years, is rediscovered and republished at last. Read the amazing story of how that came to be.