Touchstone Season 2

To live for you, to die for you...

Searching for his long lost love, reluctant time traveler Mitch finds himself in 1908 New York, caught up in a dark case of blackmail and secrets with famous composer Gustav Mahler and his wife Alma.

Investigating a mysterious threatening letter, Mitch must walk two contrasting worlds: uptown high society where opera-loving millionaires plot and scheme, and downtown ghettos where Jewish mobsters battle Chinatown gangsters for control of jazz clubs and nickelodeons.

Featuring a teenage Irving Berlin, jazz pioneer James Reese Europe, a young Duke Ellington, corrupt police chief Charles Becker, and notorious gangsters Big Jack Zelig and Mock Duck, Unfinished Sympathy is a gripping thriller of murder, blackmail, adultery and scandal set in the last days of New York's Gilded Age.

Advance readers say:

" Another great addition to the Touchstone series."

"Absolutely loved the book - an excellent addition to the Touchstone series"

"A good mystery!"


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