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The Shooting Screenwriters Podcast

As a labour of love offshoot from my duties as Shooting People’s Screenwriters Network bulletin editor, I produced a monthly audio show called Shooting Screenwriters. This is where I tried to interview anyone with something interesting to say about screenwriting.

Each show is a free download. Just right-click and ‘Save target as’ to download it, or just click on it and it will play (if it doesn’t, try it with a different browser).

She’s the scarily young theatre writer who had her own TV series by the age of 26. Lucy Prebble, writer and creator of  hit TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, talks about   breaking in to television, what’s so special about the 30-minute dramedy slot, and why The Guardian are scared of sex. Read the preview. Or just go straight for the [Download]

To open the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival 2008, here’s a special show with Oscar-winning screenwriter Diana Ossana  chatting to me about adapting Brokeback Mountain, being a writer-producer and how her writing partnership with Larry McMurtry  works. We’re back to the full half hour for this one. [Download]

Another Cheltenham 2007 show where I get a breathless 10 (TEN) minutes to talk to Anthony Horowitz about how he became a screenwriter, the unique appeal of Foyle’s War, his new drama   series and why he wants control… and fun. The shortest Shooting Screenwriters Show ever. [Download]

If it’s August it must be Edinburgh (until next year) and the International Film Festival, where I hook up with screenwriter Paul Laverty to talk about his new film It’s A Free World and his work with Ken Loach. The show  now has a svelte 30-mins-or-less time slot. [Download]

July 2007 and a very special podcast  from the Cheltenham Screenwriters’ Festival where I talk to Tony Jordan about the Red Planet Prize, how he started out,  the kind of   ‘writers’ he hates, the one key thing you need to know when creating a TV pilot, co-creating Life on Mars, and his newest venture. [Download]

Not  audio but video this time (I believe they call it a ‘vodcast’) as I hit the Cheltenham Screenwriters’ Festival in July 2007, did tons of filming, and put up highlights from the sessions at the Shootingscreenwriter channel. Wit and wisdom on all matters screenwriting from Tony Jordan, Diana Ossana, Kate Rowland, Julian Friedmann, Jurgen Wolff, Tony Grisoni (but not David Hare).

For the June 2007 show I met legendary screenwriting guru, Syd Field and chatted about his 3-Act paradigm, learning from your students and the screenwriting revolution. Big thanks to Rinaldo and Liz from The Screenwriter’s Store for making this one possible. [Download]

When I spotted that Chris Huntley, co-creator of Dramatica, was holidaying in the UK, I hoofed it down to London to spend an hour with him talking about  DNA, character growth and why Dramatica is really ‘story Viagra’. The show now comes with added music! [Download]

A much better sound quality on this one because I met face to face with Australian writer-director Rolf De Heer to talk about his stunning film Ten Canoes, indigenous Australian storytelling and how to write a screenplay almost entirely with index cards. [Download]

In March 2007 I do my first ever Shooting Screenwriters Show and it sounds terrible! Never again will I record an interview over the phone until I know what I’m doing. That aside, it’s a  great talk with Dito Montiel  about his debut movie A Guide to Recognising Your Saints and how he got his first screenwriting gig before he even knew what INT and EXT meant. [Download]


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