Arjun & Alison: the trailer is out!

Been waiting all year for this, and it’s finally here.

The trailer for Arjun & Alison, the indie feature film I was hired to script in February 2010, worked on all that year and saw shoot in Birmingham last November.

It’s been in a Mumbai edit suite most of this year and this is the first glimpse of what the film might actually look like.

(The security guy with his back to camera is me, by the way).

4 thoughts on “Arjun & Alison: the trailer is out!

  1. Congrats to you Andy!:-) Persistence does pay off! Somewhere deep inside, you believed enough in yourself and made it happen! I don’t believe in accidents… EVERYTHING happens for a purpose! Just like in your blog about your photo layout.. Uncanny how those book jackets fell, but oh, so interesting! Again, KUDOS on your film coming to fruition, much like a long awaited birth, the final hour is at hand! I hope it turns out to be all you hoped & more. What an accomplishment!!!!!! I’m sure I speak for many of your fans… YOU DESERVE THIS…. SIT BACK AND ENJOY THR RIDE!

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