Andy’s Bumper Christmas Giveaway!

Christmas Kindle2A big Christmas giveaway and some news for the new year…

2013 has been a busy old year, publishing wise, and 2014 looks set to be even busier. Read on for news of my latest release (available at a reduced price for this weekend), news of next year’s releases, and to find out if you’ve won a prize in my Christmas giveaway…

Touchstone 5 is out now at a bargain price for this weekend only…


The time travel saga lands in 1934 with a gripping tale of love versus hate in the Depression, set to a backdrop of beautiful swing tunes. It’s the longest Touchstone book yet. And you can get the ebook right now at a reduced price for the next few days. It’s currently the same price as the shorter Touchstone novellas – only £1.97 ($2.99) – but it will go up to £2.70 ($3.99) next week. So get it while you can.

You can buy the ebook at:
and at Amazon Kindle stores in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

It’s not yet available for iBooks because they’re taking an age to process ebooks these days, so if you want it on your iPhone or iPad, you might want to try buying it through your Kindle app?


Ding dong! As it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to give away a few books to readers picked entirely at random from my  mailing list (I used a random number selector and everything).

So FIVE lucky people get a paperback copy of spooky timeslip ghost story Touchstone (4: Station at the End of Time). They are:

1. Lynda Moncaster
2. Dan Squire
3. Brian Coll
4. Mark Ash
5. Tim Matthias

And ONE lucky person wins a signed paperback copy of the latest Touchstone (5: Let’s Fall in Love for the Last Time). And it is:

1. Jill Narin

Congratulations. And if you didn’t win; don’t worry. I’ll be doing more giveaways throughout 2014.

IrxG6f_qrf you’re not on my mailing list, what are you waiting for? Get on it right now and you’ll hear about every book I release as it happens as well as get the chance for regular freebies. I don’t badger my readers all the time (only two mailings went out in 2013, in fact). But I will tell my list every time there’s something new out or when I want to give them something back for following me.

Click the link or point your VR code reader at that thing there…


Finally, here’s a quick look forward to 2014, and a few projects that are rolling off the conveyor belt…

Something wicked this way comes…

My next novel will be a radical change of direction. A gritty revenge thriller called LONG DEAD ROAD. I wrote it this year as a screenplay which is getting a lot of attention and will hopefully be Kickstarted into production next year. But over the summer I novelised it. Looks set for early 2014 release. (Just getting all the weapons and fighting checked by an expert in killing and maiming).

We fade to grey…

The final part of Touchstone is set for March 2014 and will be set in 1980. I’m already filling a large notebook with story ideas, plotlines and song titles. If anyone has any memories of that year, drop me a line. It might just end up in the book. Seriously.

The saga will continue…

Did I say ‘final part’?

Well, it will be the end of Rachel’s journey to get her life back, but it won’t be the end of Touchstone.

I’d always planned to write only 6 books (mainly because I didn’t have a single idea for continuing the series beyond Rachel’s story), but over the summer I found myself writing down a ton of related storylines that will delve deeper (and wider) into the Touchstone universe.

So look out for Touchstone Season 2 and Touchstone Origins.

You’re the first people to hear that.

(Well, actually, you’re the second. If you were on my mailing list you’d have been the first. And you might have won a free book.)

So that’s all for this year. Hope you all have a very Merry Xmas and I’ll see you in 2014 !


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