Ghosts on the Moor

Three women spend Christmas in a remote cottage on Dartmoor to escape problems at home, but a Christmas Eve hike across the moor turns tragic as old ghosts return for vengeance…

A chilling new short story (10,000-words) in the vein of Andy Conway’s other timeslip novellas Touchstone and The Very Thought of You.


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Reader comments

“A very spooky short story! Having read and thoroughly enjoyed a lot of Andy Conway’s other work, I expected that I would enjoy this one too… and I wasn’t disappointed. A very good short tale with some excellent twists and turns!”

“A ghost story set on Dartmoor at Christmastime. What a spine-tinglingly perfect setting for a ghost story. Three friends, Zara, Liz and Sian rent a cottage in a Dartmoor village to spend Christmas together, a mixture of country pubs and moorland hikes. Things don’t quite go to plan however…  The three women with a complicated past could take the book into a dreary (for me) chicklit direction, but it actually gives the ghost story its bite. It might arguably be described as a present-day M.R. James as thoroughly malevolent ghosts wreak havoc on our heroines.  The Christmassy High Street in Totnes was nicely described, though I didn’t quite get the feel of a brooding wintry Dartmoor, but in the space available it’s a cracking little ghost story.”

NOT to be read at bedtime! Glad I read this in the morning – at least I got my sleep in first. I shall think twice about going to Devon again!”

2 thoughts on “Ghosts on the Moor

  1. “Ghosts on the Moor” Once again Andy Conway delivers!!! This semi- short paranormal story of three friends who decide to have a little get-a-way are in for the shock of their lives when their vacation turns into Christmas goneb bad!! Three friends with linked pasts are suddenly confronted with that in ways they never would or could have imagined! I’ve never been to Devon or the moors, but I could see them clearly in my mind… Too clearly!! But afterall, what’s a good read without some neck tingling thrills? Caution..You just may be a little leery of walking out on a foggy night after reading ths though;-)To say more would be a spoiler and that just wouldn’t do, if you’ve this Author before you will NOT be disappointed if its your first of Andy’s.. Enjoy! What was that ?? The Wind?!? Maybe so, but you might just wonder after reading this mind messing , spine chilling, tale!! Read ‘GHOSTS ON THE MOOR! Go ahead… DARE YA;-)

  2. Wow.. I have to apologies for all the typos in mr review of ‘Ghosts on the Moor’ :-( it was late, eyes were tired & I apparently didn’t edit my own work to well! Sorry about that Andy!! Your books deserve better that sloppily written reviews; Readers, please don’t let my poor early a.m. typing skills put you off from trying out Mr. Conway’s books! You would be missing some great reads!! C. Moon

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