The Touchstone saga goes into the West

This weekend saw the launch of the latest novel in the Touchstone series. Bright Star Falling picks up Kath Bright’s story following the mysterious events at the end of Touchstone (6. Fade to Grey)

And it’s a major departure from previous Touchstone stories, all of which have been located in Birmingham, UK. The series so far has pretty much been a whistle stop time travel tour of Birmingham’s history over the last 130 years.

But Bright Star Falling expands the Touchstone universe to America.

Kath Bright plunges from the sky onto the Montana plains in 1874, is taken in by Sitting Bull’s tribe and named Bright Star Falling.

Torn between dark dreams of the past and bloody visions of the future, might she be the spirit whose re-appearance spells the end of the Lakota people?

From the Battle of the Little Bighorn to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, from Wounded Knee to the sidewalks of New York, Bright Star Falling is an epic journey through the West, a sweeping historical fantasy of life on the plains, and one woman’s desperate, bloody struggle to find a way home.

You can buy it for your Kindle right here.

And in paperback here.

The novel comes with a beautiful cover designed by Birmingham graphic artist Sean Strong, who is already working on the next book as well as re-designing the cover for Buried in Time. He really has brought a very classy look to the series.

8 thoughts on “The Touchstone saga goes into the West

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  2. Dear Andy, I bought the whole Touchstone series with trepidation, but, I absolutely was absorbed in the story. Rachel and Charleen are unforgettable and I was never bored for one single minute. I hope you keep writing, I will keep reading! Thank you so much.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. Really glad you’ve enjoyed the series, and I really appreciate you taking the trouble to write and tell me.

      I’m hard at work on the next Touchstone (I think it’s the eleventh Touchstone book!). And Bright Star Rising will be out soon as it’s practically complete.

    • Great to hear, Janey. There are six stories in the first season and another two published in season two (Buried in Time and Bright Star Falling). The third book of season two is almost ready: Bright Star Rising, and I’m currently writing book 4: Unfinished Sympathy.

  3. I love the Touchstone series 1 books- I have read each one several times. Totally hooked on series 2 and I think Bright Star Falling is the best yet. When is the next book going to be published?

    • Hi Fiona, sorry for missing this comment (I didn’t get an alert).

      Glad to hear you’re loving Touchstone seasons 1 and 2. Bright Star Rising (the Birmingham-set follow up to Bright Star Falling) was released in May 2018, just after your post. Hope you liked it.

      There’s an exclusive Touchstone short story in the NEW STREET STORIES anthology that’s just been released, and I’ve also rewritten the first two Touchstone books this year. I’ll be telling my mailing list how they can get the new versions for free very soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to my mailing list.

      The next Touchstone novel – Unfinished Sympathy – is nearly finished and I’m looking to release it round about February 2019.

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