Buried in Time

The Touchstone series of time travel historical adventures continues with this stand-alone opener to the second season, a Victorian suspense thriller dripping with mystery and horror.

July, 1888. Two months before Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel murders begin, a killer stalks the streets of Victorian Birmingham, the heart of England’s industrial revolution.

Are the clues to his horrific crimes in a series of macabre paintings by Daniel Pearce, an artist suffering amnesia and desperately trying to uncover his lost past before his impending marriage? Or could Daniel’s past be in the future? And might the blank canvas of his life be hiding a murderous secret — that he must save his fiancée, Arabella, from himself?

Arthur Conan Doyle, Catherine Eddowes and Tom Conway, a mysterious time-travelling writer, stalk this gripping and bloody Victorian crime novel that explores the real identity of Jack the Ripper, only weeks before he set out for London, to carve his name into history.

Can Daniel Pearce stop the Ripper before he starts, or are his actions creating the world’s first serial killer?

LENGTH: 73,000 words / 330 pages

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