OutsideLeft are having a special week

I’ve had good weeks and bad weeks before. I’ve had weeks off, weeks sick, and weeks away. But I’ve never really had an Andy Conway Week. Even though I am Andy Conway.

But here it is. Outside Left, the online international pop culture magazine, have just announced their Andy Conway Week.

This all came from editor, Paul Lamont, who I met through friends of friends at a party. He told me how much he liked Girl With the Bomb Inside and I thought he was just being polite, but he continued to be so vocally enthusiastic about it that I just lost it. Instead of whipping out a fountain pen to sign his Kindle, like this kind of thing happened to me All. The. Time. I just got embarrassed and ended up muttering thank yous into my plate of bbq. So when he asked me if he could do a week devoted to my 11 Before 11.11.11 mission, I was not only surprised, but also incredibly flattered.

The last time Outside Left devoted a week to an author it was Mark Piggott, before that Kirk Lake and Joe Ambrose, and in his introduction to Andy Conway Week, Lamont calls me a British Wells Tower, so it’s pretty amazing to be compared to writers of that calibre.

The week kicks off with The Most Girlful Beauty in Town, an erotic, Lolita-asque extract from my postmodern campus novel, Train Can’t Bring Me Home.

There’s more in store, including a lengthy interview and their infamous Happy Shopper questionnaire.

So go over and have a look. And while you’re there, remember to ‘Like’ and tweet it.

I’ve got a literary empire to support and I could do with the hits.

Thank you.


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