The Girl with the Bomb Inside

School is shit, your hero killed himself and your girlfriend’s pregnant.

Tony is 15 and he’s in trouble. It’s not that he secretly reads James Joyce and his schoolmates would kill him if they found out what a freak he was. It’s not that he’s trying to write his story and can’t find the right voice. It’s that his girlfriend, Janine, is pregnant, and in a couple of months everyone will know and his life will be over. So he’s decided to end it himself.

Set in 1981, in the aftershock of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis’s suicide, The Girl with the Bomb Inside is a 16,000-word novelette that explodes with all the filth and fury of a three-minute punk song, hammering at the bars of its teenage prison with a foul-mouthed and brutal depiction of a schoolyard pregnancy.

This edition also features a free sample chapter from Andy Conway’s next novel, postmodern Hungarian campus romance, Train Can’t Bring Me Home.

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Reader comments

A brilliant read, well written, excellently paced, true to life and extremely observational… expertly captures the insecurities and embarrassment of youth and takes you on a journey that will stay with you long after you have finished reading.

Delivered in such a punchy, gritty style it’s hard to set aside… A story of hidden rage and lost potential, it’s got a suitable kick in the tail. A steal at the price.

Everything Andy Conway talks about I recognised, it was almost like he went to my school or tapped into my memories of the experience… The references to Joy Divison and Throbbing Gristle will take you right back, and they add to the period atmosphere as well as the whole indie ethic of the book. A good, solid read.

Get this book now. Andy Conway has absolutely nailed the uncontrollable insanity of being a teenage boy … Everything here rings true: characters, dialogue, and the situation as well, and it had the added bonus of making me have to dig out my old Joy Division albums and remember when I was one of those cool outsider kids with impeccable taste in music… because, you know, obviously I was. And, obviously, so was Andy Conway.

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