TV can blow me

So a good friend of mine has published his first ebook, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Yes, James Donaghy’s first collection of TV reviews (they’re more like Wildean autopsies, really)  is now available on Amazon Kindle for under a quid.

They’d even shell out for that in Greece. And let’s face it, they could do with a laugh.

I’ve actually been a fan of James Donaghy’s writing for years now. I read most of these TV reviews as they appeared on his website Aerial Telly, when they were the deliciously funny Friday afternoon pick-me-up that used to be the sole domain of TVGoHome. And let’s not beat around the bush here. If you are at all of a sensitive disposition, do not buy this book. Jim’s humour is scabrous, outrageous, unforgiving and pulls no punches. He doesn’t really write for the politically correct chin strokers of the world, which makes his gig as Guardian columnist a mystery for the age.

Reading these reviews in book form, I laughed all over again. I punched the table. I very nearly soiled my pants (that might just be an age thing, though). Many times I gasped and thought YOU CAN’T SAY THAT! but then sniggered all the same and checked to see if anyone saw me.

Donaghy has a great way of saying the unsayable and cutting through the crap and he’s as controversial, outrageous and scathingly witty as we all secretly want to be.

You won’t read a more laugh out loud, un-PC, hilarious book this year.

Just be careful if you read it in public.

Buy it now.

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