The Budapest Breakfast Club

This summer: Go to Budapest… Make a movie… Have an affair.

Ten years ago, a group of students fell in love with each other and had their perfect moment. Now screenwriter Nathan Beck is back in Budapest to shoot a movie about it.

But his return stirs up memories for the old Breakfast Club survivors trying to cope in this city now their perfect moment is over:

Gábor lives to make films but writes bubble bath ad copy to live. Virág is the hotshot career woman, with a different man in her bed each night and a bottle of vodka in her handbag. Luca (Gábor’s girlfriend and Nathan’s ex) hides away in her home town because she’s scared of love.

And then there’s Judy Carter, movie star: seduced by the story of the Breakfast Club, she embarks on an affair with Nathan, risking the happy marriage that everyone but her believes

It’s a only a matter of time before the story breaks and the press and her fans turn on her …. and two muckraking Hungarian journalists are digging up all the dirt they can find.

The Budapest Breakfast Club plays like a mash-up of Judd Apatow, Richard Linklater and Woody Allen: a comedy with laughs, heart and brains.

A novel with a soundtrack?

As The Budapest Breakfast Club is about a couple that bond over their mutual love of old swing tunes and every chapter title is the title of an old swing tune, there are now 70 links to those songs in the Interactive Soundtrack Edition.

This means you can listen to a sample of each tune on its Amazon mp3 download page to get a feel for it and even buy the tunes you like to compile your own soundtrack album. It should work perfectly whether you’re reading it on your phone, iPad or laptop (doesn’t work on my Kindle at the moment but might work on the Kindle Fire?): see a link, click on it, listen to the sample, download it if you like it, go back to the story.

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Reader comments

“Introducing every character through their life’s one perfect moment is a beautiful technique…”

“It’s a fast-paced, modern romcom with a gritty edge that will appeal to both men and women… Lots of fun and delivers several emotional punches…”

“Andy Conway is, first and foremost, a great storyteller. The Budapest Breakfast Club is packed with extraordinary characters, wonderful comedy and some breathtakingly poignant moments. Conway’s writing is fast-paced, totally assured and highly accomplished, and the resulting tale rattles along with wit, boundless energy and an impressive array of cultural references. He picks you up and almost physically drags you through the ups and downs of an utterly believable and thoroughly irrepressible bunch of friends, each with their own story, and each with their own perfect moment. The way Conway weaves them seamlessly together is, in itself, close to perfection. Highly recommended.”

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