Lovers in Paris

Can your love live up to the most romantic city in the world?

It’s Disneyland for lovers; a place to indulge in a romantic fantasy world. But  if you fell in love with someone in Paris, could you trust your feelings? Would  it have a real future? Or should you just get out of there and fall in love  somewhere where it’s safe?

Five couples try to find the answer on New  Year’s Eve in the French capital.

By morning they’ll know.

Meet Me in Montmartre. English girl Sandy travels to Paris on New Year’s Eve for a blind date with her French pen friend, but ends up being entertained by elderly barman Claude when her date doesn’t show up. Meet Me in Montmartre is already published as a single volume short story, but contains an alternate ending in this novel.

Le Shuffle. Mismatched English couple Marcus and Jemma are on the Eurostar train
to Paris on New Year’s Day and bump into Marcus’s old flame, Hélène, and her boyfriend, Didier. A bilingual cat and mouse game ensues, with both Jemma and Didi jealous of the Marcus and Hélène’s friendship. The tensions between them erupt into a fight, which reveals a secret that tears both couples apart.

Paris Match. Irish student Jimmy falls in love at first sight with Belgian student Celeste when he crashes a ceremony for students from all over the world. But the event is sabotaged by French delegate Jean-Paul, who drags all the boys on a pub crawl of his favourite Parisian bars and brothels, his antics causing Jimmy and Celeste to spend the whole New Year’s Eve trying to reach each other.

But Suzanne Valadon Isn’t There… Americans Kyle and Trudy argue over his obsession for a long dead artist as they take the Paris tourist trail. But Kyle has another obsession… the Parisian film student, Lisa, whose address he has in his pocket.

One Night in Paris. Alec, in Paris on business, chooses to jump off the train at the
last moment and stay in Paris to look up sexy, funny, playful Irina, ‘the one that got away’. The one he let get away. They resist the clichéd Parisian love affair, even though they’re living in one. Slowly, through the day, they tentatively reveal their feelings.

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Reader comments

“Funny, witty, with characters you want to root for. And if you’ve ever been to Paris and stayed near the Gare du Nord and Montmarte then you will enjoy this book even more. If not it may even inspire you to visit and experience a random romance for yourself… Good book and good writing.”

“The description of the streets and surroundings made me feel like I was there again. Kudos. A fine read. Highly recommend this one.”

Reader reviews for Meet Me in Montmartre

“Andy Conway has created a gem of a story about the many faces of love and expectations on a perfect night in Paris. If you have a shred of romance in your soul, or if you’d just like to have some, come away to Montmartre on the last night of the year, and experience it for yourself. “

“Imaginitive, surprising and sweet…”

“I’m not into romance books or short stories in anyway, shape, or form. I got this because the title caught my eye and because I’ve been to Montmartre in Paris several times. I just wanted to see how the story described it. Shhhhhh. I really liked this story. It was pleasant, nice, and very touching. The description of the streets and surroundings made me feel like I was there again. Kudos. A fine read. Highly recommend this one.”


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