Meet me in Montmartre

New Year’s Eve. An English girl. A French boy. A blind date. A kiss before midnight?

Meet Me in Montmartre is a delightfully romantic short story and a taster for the forthcoming collection, Lovers in Paris, a multi-strand novel about various couples meeting in Paris on New Year’s Eve (to be published September 2011).

In this 10,000-word short story, vintage-obsessed English girl Sandy travels to Paris on New Year’s Eve for a blind date with her French pen friend, but ends up being entertained by elderly barman Claude when her date doesn’t show up.

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Reader comments

“Andy Conway has created a gem of a story about the many faces of love and expectations on a perfect night in Paris. If you have a shred of romance in your soul, or if you’d just like to have some, come away to Montmartre on the last night of the year, and experience it for yourself. “

“Imaginitive, surprising and sweet…”

“I’m not into romance books or short stories in anyway, shape, or form. I got this because the title caught my eye and because I’ve been to Montmartre in Paris several times. I just wanted to see how the story described it. Shhhhhh. I really liked this story. It was pleasant, nice, and very touching. The description of the streets and surroundings made me feel like I was there again. Kudos. A fine read. Highly recommend this one.”

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