The Budapest Breakfast Club goes INTERACTIVE… and it’s FREE for 2 days!

Yes, it’s another ebook giveaway. The Budapest Breakfast Club is now available FREE to download to your Kindle for the next two days (1-2 March) .

But this is not just any old e-book.

The novel has been given a bit of a makeover.  It’s now the INTERACTIVE SOUNDTRACK edition.

It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a year now. A lot of my books contain musical references, so wouldn’t it be nice to hear the music as you read? Continue reading

Win a Lovers in Paris paperback for Valentine’s Day

That’s right, I’m giving away a LOVERS IN PARIS paperback to one lucky winner as a Valentine’s Day gift.

All you have to do to enter is go to the Amazon page for Lovers in Paris, use the ‘Look Inside’ feature to read the first few pages and find the answer to this question:

What present do Sandy’s workmates give her as she sets off on her blind date in Paris? Continue reading

Get a free blind date in Paris for the next five days

Meet Me in Montmartre, quite possibly the most romantic short story you’ll read all year, is now available FREE to download on your Kindle for the next five days.

As we run up to Valentine’s Day, you won’t read a better story to get you in the mood. You’ll probably love it so much that you’ll immediately go and order a copy of Lovers in Paris, the collection of stories that Montmartre comes from. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

In this 10,000-word short story, vintage-obsessed English girl Sandy travels to Paris on New Year’s Eve for a blind date with her French pen friend but ends up being entertained by elderly barman Claude when her date doesn’t show up. Continue reading

Lovers in Paris

Can your love live up to the most romantic city in the world?

It’s Disneyland for lovers; a place to indulge in a romantic fantasy world. But  if you fell in love with someone in Paris, could you trust your feelings? Would  it have a real future? Or should you just get out of there and fall in love  somewhere where it’s safe?

Five couples try to find the answer on New  Year’s Eve in the French capital.

By morning they’ll know. Continue reading