Touchstone (5. Let’s Fall in Love for the Last Time)

It’s murder on the dance floor…

Rachel finds herself in 1934, where she must help Charlie stage a concert featuring renowned Jewish crooner Benny Orphan and an all-black swing orchestra.

But Danny is there too, seemingly intent on sabotaging things. And a group of murderous Blackshirts are determined to make sure the concert doesn’t happen.

As swing fans, nazis, communists and time travellers do battle on the dance floor, Rachel finds that it’s not always clear who’s an ally and who’s an enemy. Especially when disturbing new powers emerging from both her and Danny threaten to tear the city apart.

A gripping tale of love versus hate in the Depression, set to a backdrop of beautiful swing tunes. Continue reading

How to get your ebook translated for foreign markets

Just over a year ago, I received an email from a French reader of one of my self-published novellas. This is one of the great things about being an indie publisher. You get random emails from people all over the world: people who have seen your book online and taken a risk on it. Not only that, they’ve liked it so much they’ve taken the trouble to write to the author.

But Fabien Cathelin had something else to say. He was studying to be a translator, taking his master’s degree in World Literatures and Interculturality and he thought my story would make an excellent project for his thesis. Continue reading

Easy ebook cover design for indie authors

Contrary to popular myth, we do judge a book by its cover. But in the new ebook publishing landscape, the book cover is not entirely what we’ve always thought it was. Hopefully, this blog will give writers new to indie publishing an insight into how an ebook cover works and provide some hints and tips on how to go indie with book cover design that ends up looking like the dog’s… not the dog’s dinner. Continue reading

How to be a paperback writer…

When I started publishing ebooks for Kindle last year, quite a few people asked me when the paperback versions were coming out.

This was obviously annoying.

Why aren’t you embracing the digital ebook revolution!!? I shouted (well, thought, more than shouted).

But I can’t say I’m surprised. People still cling to the feel of books, the smell of books; the notion of books as tactile pleasures. I did that my whole life before I converted to the convenience of reading great books on my iPhone and Kindle.

So I have to say that, although I think it’s highly likely that ebooks will replace dead tree books over the next few years and reduce them to the status that vinyl records currently enjoy in the world (curios for a minority of buyers, sold by specialist shops), I do also see that paperbacks still have a place in the world, and that for a while longer people will still want them.

And that’s why I’ve worked hard to make five of my titles available in paperback editions.

Continue reading

The Budapest Breakfast Club goes INTERACTIVE… and it’s FREE for 2 days!

Yes, it’s another ebook giveaway. The Budapest Breakfast Club is now available FREE to download to your Kindle for the next two days (1-2 March) .

But this is not just any old e-book.

The novel has been given a bit of a makeover.  It’s now the INTERACTIVE SOUNDTRACK edition.

It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a year now. A lot of my books contain musical references, so wouldn’t it be nice to hear the music as you read? Continue reading

How Amazon categories can get you a movie deal

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve got a bit of a thing for time travel stories. It’s my guilty pleasure genre and this year I’ve been lucky enough to publish three of my own time travel titles.

The Very Thought of You has had an option offer from a Hollywood producer, which is pretty amazing for an ebook novella that had only been on sale a month and sold about 25 copies when he got in touch (he was back in touch again this week, promising to get the project moving again once Thanksgiving was over).

I also published the first two parts of my teenage time travel adventure, Touchstone, one set in 1912, the second during the Blitz. This week I’ve been outlining the rest of the series, all to be published next year, and it looks like it will run to six in total.

And all three are selling. Which brings me to the thing that made me smile this morning… Continue reading

11 before 11.11.11 — Or How I Published 11 Books in 9 Months

Was it only this March that I announced to the world that I was publishing my first ebook and there would be another ten before the end of the year?

Seems like last week.

When I first announced it, it wasn’t 11. I thought, hey I’ll get ten titles out before Xmas, the idea being to get a firm footprint on Kindle in time for the holiday season increase in ebook buying. Then I looked at the titles I had and thought. I could probably do 11. Then I had the crazy idea to do 11 before 11 November 2011, because, hey, it’s a cool concept… Little did I know the amount of back breaking work it would entail.

But I did it. I published 11 titles in 9 months. Five novels, four novellas and two shorts. Continue reading

Lovers in Paris

Can your love live up to the most romantic city in the world?

It’s Disneyland for lovers; a place to indulge in a romantic fantasy world. But  if you fell in love with someone in Paris, could you trust your feelings? Would  it have a real future? Or should you just get out of there and fall in love  somewhere where it’s safe?

Five couples try to find the answer on New  Year’s Eve in the French capital.

By morning they’ll know. Continue reading